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Watch TVTV - The Good Times Are Killing Me (Cajuns)

Watch TVTV - The Good Times Are Killing Me (Cajuns)

TVTV - The Good Times Are Killing Me (Cajuns)

TVTV Complete Collection • 58m

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    Starts with young wunderkind Steven Spielberg in his office as he learns that he didn’t get nominated for “Jaws” and ends with Lily Tomlin, as middle American housewife Judy Beasley, falling asleep at home as the Star Spangled Banner plays at the end of the telecast. Ms. Tomlin is also a nominee ...

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    In 1972, TVTV brought their low-budget, free-form journalistic techniques to the floor of the Democratic Presidential Convention in Miami. Using lightweight, 1/2-inch Portapak equipment, which allowed them greater mobility and spontaneity than the networks, the TVTV crew moved around the Conventi...